Litha Faire began in 2010 by a group of psychics, healers and artisans dedicated to celebrating the magick and the psychic arts. We are excited to announce the 8th annual Litha Faire!

Our Organizers:

Josephine Teresi

Life Coach, Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer, Inspirational

Author & Speaker

Communing with Nature has been key in developing my spiritual gifts as a child growing up in Strawberry, California.  My dad built a log  cabin nestled in the Sierra Nevada’s.  I would spend hours every day sitting by the babbling brook that crossed our property.

There,  I was visited by the wood fairies who spoke to me of the stars above who had messages for me ….”You are not alone., they whispered.  “You are a Star that shines love upon the Earth and  you will help many”.  “Do not fear, help is always near.”.


Moving to Santa Cruz, California in the early 1970’s I was honored to study under Master Healers.  I witnessed their teachings as one miracle after the other.  My work as a healer and intuitive prevails for years; under many life experiences that prepared me further in my life’s work, and I am blessed and grateful for my perseverance.  


I carry the elements of Nature through my being as it brings empowerment into my life’s purpose in which I am passionate about.


Lisa (Rowan) Giles 

Founder of Litha Faire

Psychic, Celtic Shaman & Healer, Teacher of the Metaphysical arts

My Magickal Journey…


 In childhood I had a natural gift to see people that had crossed over or to just know what was going to happen and when things would happen. I tried to shut down my gifts in my teenage years only to have them return with a vengeance in my early 20's. I had premonitions on a daily basis and attracted discarnate spirits who just wanted to make contact. As I was saving money to visit a psychiatrist, I had a profound dream where I was visited by a man dressed in a 1930's style suit who told me, " You will be giving tours in Ancient Egypt and you will learn a lot about who you truly are..." 

Shortly after the dream and a wild array of synchronistic events, I found myself at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum where I did give tours and I learned that I was psychically gifted, not crazy. I met people that were more advanced in their abilities than myself who taught me to control my gift. 

Oh...and the man in my dream.... was H. Spencer Lewis who founded the Rosicrucian Order in America and brought it to San Jose, California. 

It is now both my pleasure and responsibility to help others develop their psychic abilities.


Sharon Dunn

Animal Communicator

Minister, Teacher & Healer




It’s All About the Energy


I was raised Catholic and believed that we were the masters of Ritual and Ceremony. This is why I find Ritual and Ceremony so acceptable.  Sitting in Mass (church) 6 days a week and “seeing” bread and a chalice of wine turn into the body and blood of Christ could be thought of as my first Spiritual and altered state experience.  In reality, through those experiences I learned to understand and depend upon the power of prayer, healing, Spirit and the group energy field.  


In my forties I began to question life and wondered “is this all there is?”    It was also during this time that, when I did manage to sleep, my dreams were of non-benevolent spirits and the battle I would do with them. I was an empty shell, vibrating at a very low level frequency and I barely had enough of an aura or Spiritual practice to fight off these low-level prowling entities that wandered through my dream time.  


Once again Spirit intervened.  I began studying Reiki.  Through Opening to Spirit workshops I began to develop an active and intimate relationship with Spirit.  For over two years, I sat 5 nights a week channeling the benevolent Spirits who came to assist me.  


It was here, through Spirit’s loving guidance, that I began working with people and the Animals in their hearts.  


I continue to have my Animal Communication practice.  By doing readings I provide heartfelt communication and healing for people and the animals in their lives.  I also teach animal communication workshops and an Intuitive Development and Channeling classes.

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